Frequently asked questions

Search for “Breedo” in your app store or click on the icons below. Download the app to your mobile phone.

Breedo® works best on mobile. With limited functionality, you can also use Breedo® with a web browser. Breedo®‘s web version makes it easier to transfer data from the computer, especially for those who have been breeding for a long time. The usability of the versions will be improved as we update. Log in to the web version here.

You can make changes to your order in the web application.

If you wish to pause your order, we will retain the data you have entered for 24 months. After this your data will be automatically deleted. We will remind you of this data deletion by email.

You can end your subscription at Please note that instead of ending, you can also downgrade to Breedo® Free and use the basic functions free of charge. If you want to return later back to other license formats of Breedo®, it is quite possible. We’ll keep your recorded data for 2 years from the last payment. During that time, you can get back to your data anytime and pick up where you left off.

Screenshots aren’t blocked, so you can take unlimited shots. In addition, you can e.g. copy memos using the copy function.

There’s no situation such as this in sight, but should this happen for any reason, we undertake to retain data for 1 year from the end of operations in order to secure possible data transfers.

We are happy to receive development ideas from our users. You can send us feedback through the app and from our website.

In case of problems related to the use of the application, you can contact us through the form or by sending an email to

The privacy and protection of personal and dog data is important to us. We have taken into account the risks related to data processing and are protected against them. All data in our information system is encrypted. We follow strict internal guidelines to ensure data protection.

The user can see the information they have personally entered into the application. Certain limited information (display cards personalized for your dog or kennel) can be made public by the user himself/herself. The preview feature allows the user to review and edit the information displayed on the public card before publishing. The public display card can be changed back to private at any time. Public display cards will never display the contents of memos, documents or finances, nor will birth diaries and many other completely private entries.

The dog’s profile picture, litter’s main photo, and kennel photo and photo compilation will be visible to everyone logged in to Breedo® if the user has made those display cards public. Searching/viewing other images requires the rights to the images.

Our customer service only sees the customer’s email and the license form activated by the customer, as well as payment transaction information. For this reason, we are not able to help in cases such as lost passwords. The new password must be ordered using the function built into the application. Our customer service is also unable to log in to the customer’s application view, even if they should request for it. If, on the other hand, there is a challenge in activating or operating your app’s license, we’ll be happy to help.Only the coders who technically maintain Breedo® have the access to log the data, which is naturally in code format. When working with data, all log data is stored.

This is a wise and perceptive question we often hear, and here is the answer especially from the point of view of the app developer.

Responsibility is a value choice, and the quality of breeding and dog ownership is personally determined and decided by each breeder, owner and person looking for a puppy. At Breedo® we help and encourage people to take the best possible care of their animals by providing a platform that increases animal welfare by making life easier. This increases responsibility within the dog hobby.

For breeders, we offer a platform that encourages into careful monitoring of breeding work, for example by making it easier to record information related to animal well-being. We believe that in addition to basic everyday monitoring, careful monitoring of pregnancies and litters increases the well-being of animal individuals and the general transparency of this hobby.

For dog owners, Breedo® offers an owner license – Breedo® Dog Owner – that makes it easy and effortless to follow your dog hobby. When designing the application, we also take into account the rescue dogs, the acquisition of which is a good and responsible act in itself. Rescue dog owners tend to record their observations carefully, so in addition to the basic sections, the application includes several free text fields and memos that make it easy to define what to follow.

Breedo® helps those planning to get a puppy by paying attention to the responsibility of breeders and making it easier to find a breeder who meets their criteria. We hope that Breedo® will also have a positive impact on the fact that dog lovers and those looking for a puppy will start to demand more extensive information about dogs’ backgrounds in the future.

Your transaction is likely blocked for some reason, and your app’s license has changed into a Breedo® Free with a limited number of functions. Update your payment information and reactivate the license version you were previously using. All your previous data will then be displayed and you can use the app normally. Our customer service at will be happy to help you.

Finnish, English and Swedish, depending on the language settings of your phone.

Android: via “Subscription” which opens in the “More” function at the bottom of the application.

iOS: by logging into and clicking the “Subscription”.

  • Download the app to your phone from Google Play or App Store.
  • When activating, select the license authorized by your code (Breedo® Dog Owner/Breedo® Breeder).
  • Enter the code you received in the field provided during the payment process for your app’s installation (Stripe service). The code enables a free promotional period in addition to the normal free introductory period of at least 14 days.
  • Even if you’re getting started with a free promotiola code, Stripe will ask you to enter your payment information. This works the same way as in other most common applications and streaming services. Payment information ensures uninterrupted use of the service after the promotional period has ended.
  • If you do not wish to continue using the paid service after your promotional code time or benefit has expired, you can easily change your license to the Breedo® Free in the subscription manager.
  • Android: The “Subscription” view of the app opens your subscription management screen, where you can change the subscription to “Free”.
  • iOs: Sign in to manage your subscription at
  • With Breedo® Free, you have access to the limited functions of the application (basic dog information, creating and viewing dog display cards, articles)
  • In subscription management, you can also change the license if you wish, for example from Breedo® Breeder to Breedo® Dog Owner or vice versa

When we organise sweepstakes and such on social media, the rules of the lottery can be found here.