For dog owners

Breedo® dog owner license 4.90 €/month or 39,90 €/year

With a Breedo® dog owner license, owners and active enthusiasts can monitor the well-being and development of their dogs with a very little effort!

As a user of a Breedo® dog owner license you can securely store all information related to your dog’s health and well-being as well as other hobby-related documents. With Breedo® you stay on track with your dog’s care, training and future goals, for example – you’ll always have all the key records needed at your disposal.

With a Breedo® owner license it’s easy to follow your dog’s individual development. You can monitor actions that require your attention, make notes and keep a diary of activities and events. You can also order convenient reminders about vaccines and other urgent matters.

Breedo® owner license – you’ll always have the relevant information with you!

Have a great time working with the app!