For breeders

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Breedo® breeder license 14.90 €/month or 139,90 €/year

With a Breedo® breeder license you get unlimited use of all the app’s features.

As a user of a Breedo® breeder license you can create public display cards for your kennel and dogs, which by viewing, for example, those planning to purchase a puppy can familiarize themselves with your breeding work, your dogs and, for example, upcoming litters. Breedo® cleverly replaces often laboriously maintained kennel websites.

With a Breedo® breeder license you can securely store all information related to your dogs, as well as nimbly monitor current issues related to breeding, such as heats and pregnancies of your dogs. You can also order convenient reminders about vaccines and other urgent matters.

You can conveniently save all documents related to kennel operations in Breedo®. In addition, the application provides a direct view to your kennel’s finances and litters. You can also take notes and keep a diary of activities and events!

With a Breedo® breeder license you’ll always have your kennel operations and activities with you!

Hello Breedo® breeder license users! We’ll give each new puppy a Breedo® dog owner license for 3 months free of charge. Breedo® will help their new homes to get familiar with good and responsible care.

Have a great time working with the app!