Choose the most convenient way to use Breedo®.

Choose the most convenient way to use Breedo®. Our different app versions are designed for breeders, dog owners and for the ones planning on getting a puppy or just interested in the world of dogs.

You can use Breedo®‘s limited features for free by registering or access to more extensive features by purchasing a license of your needs.

Here you can find more information about specific features of different license types. You can find the comparison between the license types by taking a closer look at our pricing.

For breeders

With a Breedo® breeder license you get unlimited access to all the features of the application.

For dog owners

With a Breedo® owner’s license your dog’s health and progress are easy to monitor.

For those planning
to get a puppy

Information about responsible and high-quality dog breeding and introduces responsible breeders.
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Your dog’s information in one place

Raising a dog involves a huge amount of detailed information about health and well-being. Responsible breeders take care of this very carefully – and sometimes even so precisely that the information is out of reach just when you need it.

We have a reliable, Finnish solution to the challenge identified by almost every breeder. Breedo® is an application that brings breeding-related information to one place. With Breedo® the information needed is always conveniently available – whether you are in the puppy pen, on the training ground or, for example, on your way to the vet!

Finnish solution

Breedo® is an application (Android/iOS) inspired by Finnish, high-quality dog breeding. Breedo® clarifies tasks related to information management and thereby eases the everyday life of breeders and dog owners. Breedo® is brought to you by responsible Finnish dog breeders.

Breedo® is a sign of quality. Its focus is on ease and on the desire to influence the welfare of animals.