About us

Breedo® was developed out of a practical need – and love for animals

Breedo® got started from Mari Pirkkala’s – a breeder herself too – desire to facilitate the information and time management related to dog breeding activities and owning dogs. Pirkkala, who lives in Iisvesi near Kuopio, Finland and works as the principal of the equestrian high school, knows the challenges related to kennel operations and other dog activities, because of her small-scale breeding work that started some 27 years ago, This has always been done on the terms of her family and a full-time job.

– Breeding includes a huge amount of information, such as various documents, which needs your responsibility and care. For years I tried to master this, but at the same time I was tormented by my own inability to remember the different locations of this information – when something was needed, it was often lost in an unknown folder or a memo. Instead of this constant work I wanted to be able to focus better on the hobby and the important networks, says Pirkkala, whose Kennel Nugadog’s mittelspitzes and hovawarts have several litters around the world..

The well-being of dogs and the responsible way of raising are a matters of the heart

Animals, especially dogs, have been a part of Pirkkala’s life since childhood. The beloved hobby became a family affair, and also her children Jesse, Tiia, and Riku have grown up around dogs. In addition to breeding, Pirkkala enjoys traveling, jogging, camping and going to exhibitions with the family’s mittels and hovawarts – Kiti, Ruu and Bessi. Kit’s favorite is also swimming in the nearby lake, so there’s plenty to do with the dogs!

For Pirkkala, the most important guideline has always been the aim for healthy, good-natured and purebred dogs – carefree and comfortable members for any families. Even though the breeds have been successful in terms of titles e.g. in international competitions, the well-being of the dogs and the responsible way of raising them has been the most important thing and a matter of the heart.

– I dream that my work would bring health and good character to the breeding lines and that I would thus succeed in leaving a mark on the breeds I love. Animal welfare is always my number one priority. In addition, I pay close attention to the responsibility aspects; for example, I raise litters only to the extent that I can support their carefully selected homes in this new and often exciting phase of life, explains Pirkkala.

Interest towards Breedo has exceeded all expectations

Breedo® has attracted enormous interest even before its launch in June 2023, and Pirkkala is deeply touched by this. The popularity has actually exceeded all of her expectations.

– A few people have even come to tell me how they had also been planning on developing something similar, but the lack of resources, for example, eventually stopped their plans. However, I – a person who strives for harmony in all aspects of life – could not resist this huge project that requires great investments. I guess this is how crazy my love for animals truly is, laughs Pirkkala.

Have a great time working with the app!

P.S. Mari welcomes all dog lovers and the entire dog community to participate in the development